Renee McCabe

I consider Dr. Patricia Keener a mentor in life and am privileged to have shared so many treasured moments together. I became involved with Safe Sitter® 30 years ago as an Instructor, Site Coordinator, and National Trainer. I will never forget my National Trainer Interview because it was as if Dr. Keener could see into my soul. Rarely have I felt the sense of self-fulfillment that I experienced after having time with her.

Our National Trainer Retreats were like a reunion and celebration with family, the most functional family, that is. Dr. Keener truly spoiled us with special Safe Sitter® gifts (I still wear my fleece jacket) and an elegant tea party in her English garden. She even funded an annual plane ticket for one trainer’s husband to accompany them to a city where they were teaching an Instructor Workshop!

I will never forget Dr. Keener’s words about when people evaluate their life near death, what holds the most significance is having an impact greater than one-self and leaving the world a better place for having been in it. Dr. Patricia Keener exemplifies these virtues and achieved them 40 years ago when she created Safe Sitter®!

Renée McCabe, RN, BSN