Dr. Keener is a force of nature. If she decides something needs to be done, she will make it happen. She created Safe Sitter® because she decided no more children should die due to lack of knowledge of how to rescue a choking child.

She used her boundless energy, keen intellect, and deep understanding of children to start a movement. She attracted other professionals to the cause and launched a national program while always keeping a careful eye on quality and accuracy.

While her academic training is in medicine, she enjoyed studying how people learn and how to teach. She effectively put that knowledge to use in developing and refining Safe Sitter®.

Dr. Keener has a special ability to fully engage with children. When she is around children it’s almost as if she’s shifting into a higher gear as she shines the full power of her focus on them. And they respond with appreciation and admiration that last a lifetime.

She once wrote, “Children bring to our lives many gifts including wisdom and wonder.” I believe the same is true of Dr. Keener.

Sally Herrholz