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Picking the Best Babysitter for the Job

There’s more to babysitting than showing up on time and hanging out with your kids. Your babysitter is being asked to assume responsibility for your child’s life when you’re away. There’s no bigger job than that! Think about what type of job you’re asking your sitter to do, and pick one that’s the right fit.


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After Rocky Start, This Safe Sitter® Became A Hero

When teens take a Safe Sitter® class, they learn first aid so they’re prepared for injuries that may happen when home alone, sibling sitting, or babysitting. But injuries can happen anytime and anywhere, and having the skills to deal with them can make all the difference. That’s what Safe Sitter® graduate Rebecca Barnes learned.


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10 Tips When Hiring a Summer Sitter

Although parents may want to use young teens, especially siblings, to babysit during long summer days, they need to make sure it’s a good fit for everyone involved. Here are some guidelines when hiring a teenage babysitter this summer.


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4 Things Parents Should Make Sure Their Teens Know About Choking

Choking rescue skills are a vital part of Safe Sitter’s curriculum. So far, nearly 200 lives have been saved by graduates who knew what to do in an emergency. Here’s what we teach teens about choking and why.


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5 Things You Should Do to Keep Kids and Sitters Safe

It’s natural to feel a certain level of anxiety when entrusting a babysitter with your children’s care. There are five easy, but essential, things you should do before you leave that will increase both the safety of your children and your sitter as well as your peace of mind.


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Tips for Working with The Media

You get a call from local media about your Safe Sitter® program or life and safety training for teens in general. Great! Don’t worry. Take a deep breath. Check out these tips to help you when it’s your time to shine.


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How Did This Safe Sitter® Save A Life?

Renea Pinney knew her 11-year-old daughter, Presly, would not willingly sign up for a babysitting class. So, she made her go. That decision, a case of “mother’s intuition”, helped save the life of her other daughter.


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Safe Sitter® and Scout Comes to Mother’s Aid

As a Girl Scout and Safe Sitter® one could say Gabby Bullock was doubly prepared to deal with an emergency. She was excited to babysit and loved being a big sister after being the only child for years. However, she didn’t have to use what she’d learned to help a younger sibling. She actually had to come to her mother’s aid.


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Safe Sitter® Sisters Work Together to Save a Life

Safe Sitter® grads and sisters Elaine and Tiffany Close are true to their name. They’re so close that they worked together to use what they’d learned in class about staying calm to help their younger brother through a severe asthma attack.


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This Sibling Sitter Handled Serious Situation

Twelve-year-old Becky Martin used the skills she’d learned in Safe Sitter® to retain her composure while handling what could have been a life-threatening situation.


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4 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Babysitter

When you think about it, a babysitter has the most important job: taking care of your children. Why then would you choose one without first interviewing her? Here’s what you need to ask.


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Before School, After School, and For a Lifetime

July may be National Make a Difference to Children Month, but to youth organizations like AYS, Inc. every day offers the chance to impact children’s lives in meaningful ways.


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This Safe Sitter® Kept a Cool Head in the Face of Fire

After Whitney Donley took Safe Sitter® at the Healthy Living Institute at UMC in Las Vegas, she spoke about it responsibly that evening with her two younger sisters. The timing couldn’t have been better.


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5 Ways to Help Your Child Be a Reader

Your child may grow up in a world of emoticons and emojis, but helping him read good old-fashioned words is the single most important thing you can do to help him succeed in school.


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Babysitting Duo Not Rattled by Earthquake

Madeline Knowlton and her brother Samuel live in Alaska, which ranks No. 1 among earthquakes in the United States. And even though the two young teens learned about earthquake safety in a babysitting training class, they never expected they’d need to use what they’d learned.


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Safe Sitter® Grad Took Lifesaving Action

Alexis Muscatello used her Safe Sitter® skills to save the life of her younger brother Joel. She now has a real-life understanding of her father’s job. Todd Muscatello is the EMS Coordinator in the ER at Rutland Regional Medical Center in Rutland, Vermont.


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Safe Sitter® Instructor Taught Her Daughter To Be A Hero

Vicki Gassman, a Safe Sitter® Instructor and Site Coordinator at a YMCA in Iowa, taught her daughter, Christina, the skills she needed to stay calm during an emergency. What she taught her daughter resulted in the 12-year-old successfully making a 9-1-1 call that certainly saved an injured man’s life.


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Teen Babysitter Manages Potentially Dangerous Situation

One day, Allison, 12, was watching her two younger brothers, Nicholas, 10, and Benny, 5, at home while her parents were out. Nicholas went to get some snack chips he’d left on his bed. When he got to his bedroom, he noticed the family dog had found the chips. When Nicholas reached for them, the normally docile dog lunged at Nicholas and bit him on the lip.


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