In light of recent school and organization closures, we want to give you additional resources to share with families in your community, in the event that you cannot offer classes remotely. 

Additional Resources for families in your communities:

  • Safe@Home
    The Safe@Home mini-program is an introductory program designed to prepare 4th-6th graders to be safe while home alone. Parents can purchase this course, which includes information about preventing injuries, handling common household emergencies, and treating injuries and illnesses with basic first aid, for their child. The program can be purchased online, and each order includes a Student Booklet and a Facilitator’s Guide so that parents can help prepare their children to stay home alone. Learn more about Safe@Home on the Safe Sitter® website.
  • Intro to Safe Babysitting
    Intro to Safe Babysitting is an introductory course designed to prepare 6th-8th graders to babysit younger children, including siblings. Parents can purchase this course, which includes information on child development and the responsibilities of child care, for their child. Please note that Intro to Safe Babysitting does not include instruction on home alone safety, first aid & rescue skills, or business skills. Each order ($12.50) includes a student booklet, a Facilitator’s Guide for parents, and a completion patch. The Intro to Safe Babysitting program can be ordered online. Learn more about Intro to Safe Babysitting on the Safe Sitter® website.
  • Limited Time Offer: Safe@Home, Intro to Safe Babysitting, and Safe@Home Important Information Memo Board
    While the Safe Sitter® Essentials and Safe Sitter® Expanded classes are only available via a local Registered Provider, Safe@Home or Intro to Safe Babysitting may be purchased by parents, Girl Scout Troop leaders, or other individuals. To offset any financial hardships families may experience during this challenging time, Safe Sitter® is offering a package deal for families who are interested in purchasing the Safe@Home and Intro to Safe Babysitting mini programs for their children. Included are both mini-programs and the Safe Sitter® memo board, a dry-erase refrigerator magnet that includes pre-printed phone numbers for 9-1-1 and poison control, and provides space to write down phone numbers, an address, and additional notes. The package deal is available for $19.99. This special package can be ordered online.
  • Binge on the Babysitter Boss
    Safe Sitter® has a new YouTube channel that features the Babysitter Boss, a friendly neighborhood babysitter and advice guru. These videos might be beneficial to older students who find themselves watching younger siblings at home. We find the playlist When Things Go Wrong and the video Safety for the Sitter especially helpful.
  • Check out the Safe Sitter® website
    Safe Sitter® has tons of helpful tips for parents and students alike; check out for more info!

For parents: Check out the Parenting Tips blog to find helpful articles on topics like preparing school-age children to be safe after school and determining whether your older child is ready to watch younger siblings.

For students: Check out the Student Resources to find information about handling emergencies and more.