Coronavirus Closures – What’s a Parent to Do?

Your child’s school is closed, but you still have to report to work. Perhaps you’re an essential worker that is needed even though your area is under quarantine. Or maybe your area schools have closed but people are still going into the office. Or maybe your Spring Break trip got cancelled and you’re looking for constructive activities for your school-age children. Whatever your situation, Safe Sitter® has resources to help!

Not Sure What to Do?
If you’re faced with working while your school-age child stays home alone, but you’re not sure if they’re ready, check out our Parenting Tips blog. We have information to help you determine if your child is ready. We also have tips on how you can help to support an older child that is babysitting younger siblings to ensure that the sibling sitting goes smoother. The last thing you need is to be fielding desperate calls from fighting children during your shift at work.

If your school-age child is faced with being home alone during this time due to school closures, consider Safe@Home. Safe@Home is a program you can order online – it includes a printed student booklet that covers home safety, what to do in common household emergencies, and first aid guidance for students. Also included is a facilitator’s guide for parents, so that you can be aware of what situations your child may encounter while home alone and help reinforce the material your child learns from the student booklet.

Intro to Safe Babysitting
If your teenage child is babysitting younger siblings during this time, he or she may benefit from Intro to Safe Babysitting. This program can be ordered online and also includes a printed student booklet that covers child care instruction, guidance to prevent injuries in children, and babysitter tips for managing behavior issues. Included is a facilitator’s guide for parents so that you can answer frequently asked questions and help your child prepare for the responsibilities of babysitting.

If you need both programs, we’ve created a special package deal for a reduced price that includes a complimentary write-on/wipe-off memo board for important information, including emergency numbers and contact info for you while you’re away. It’s our way of sending a little bit of extra care your way. Order online now.

Babysitter Boss
Finally, encourage your child to check out our Babysitter Boss videos on YouTube. Let’s face it; they’re probably on their devices anyway; they might as well be learning something while they’re having fun. These videos deal with everything from middle-school struggles to how to prepare for your first babysitting job. Babysitter Boss also tackles important life skills and what to do when things go wrong. It’s a great way to prepare to babysit!

Thanks for All You Do
For forty years, Safe Sitter® has been the trusted source for preparing children to stay safe while babysitting, watching younger siblings, or staying home alone. We know that families are under a lot of stress right now, and as a nonprofit organization with strong community ties, we want to be there for you. Thanks for all you do to help keep children safe; connect with us on social media and contact us at to let us know how we can help.

Barbara Stuckwisch

Barbara Stuckwisch

Executive Director at Safe Sitter, Inc
Barbara has been leading Safe Sitter, Inc. since 2013. She relishes the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of families and communities across the country, and she has two teenage children that keep her on her toes and serve as a daily reminder of why the work of Safe Sitter® is so important.
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