Distributing Student Handbooks for Digital Classes

Offering Safe Sitter® and Safe@Home Classes virtually is a great solution when an in-class experience is not possible. A Student Handbook is required for students completing the class in-person or in a virtual class.

When leading a virtual Safe Sitter® class, you will want to ensure you are distributing a Student Handbook to the students as it is required. The following items are recommended to be included in student distribution:

  • 1, Printed BINGO! Card
  • 2 sheets of the Important Information Notepad
  • 1, diaper

After the class, you may distribute a digital Completion Card and the Letter to Parents through email.

There are three ways to distribute these items to students. Please select the distribution option that adheres to your company policies and ensures contactless distribution.

  1. Curbside pick-up. Schedule a designated time for parents to pick-up student materials at your organization.
  2. Deliver to students. Instructors in smaller communities find it easy to hand-deliver the student materials to their homes.
  3. Ship student materials. Place all student materials in a 9” x 12” catalog envelope and mail materials to students. General shipping costs for USPS First Class is about $2.50, or 5 Forever postage stamps for Safe Sitter® materials and about $1.50, or 3 Forever postage stamps for Safe@Home materials. Before mailing, check with your local post office to verify postage rates.

Be sure to allow adequate time for delivery by USPS. All delivery services are currently seeing an increase in volume causing longer shipping times. Please plan accordingly.

Amanda Christian

Amanda Christian

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