Filling Needs In Her Community And Beyond (Again And Again)

Safe Sitter® is not just a class; it’s a cause. It’s no wonder then that someone like Katie Maguire would choose to teach it.

Katie is one of those inspiring people who sees a need and fills it.  When a friend was introduced to a man who rescues children from human trafficking in South Asia, Katie wasn’t just touched. She was compelled to act. She started an organization, Life for the Innocent, with church members to rescue children around the world from abuse, and she served as its development director.

Staying Involved With Causes

After getting Life for the Innocent up and running, Katie resigned because her dream was to be a stay-at-home mom. But she also wanted to stay involved with causes.  “I always want to contribute so I looked at what else I could do.” Her 12-year-old daughter was expressing interest in babysitting, which got the cause-inspired Katie thinking. “I started babysitting at 11 and loved it. I also thought to myself that I’d never had any real training and how I wish I could’ve done things differently,” she said.

Her babysitting memories, coupled with a desire that her daughter and other young teens have proper training to babysit, compelled her once again to find a solution. An internet search led her to Safe Sitter®, whose newly-updated curriculum she found appealing. “I loved that it was in transition, and that it involves social media and online safety.”

Making Things Happen – Quickly

Katie updated her safety skills certifications, obtained the necessary insurance, and started her Safe Sitter® Teaching Site, Rocky Mountain Youth Training Academy in Fort Collins, Colorado. A perpetual go-getter, Katie taught three classes within five months of becoming a site. She plans on training another Instructor, partnering with a community organization for classroom space, and opening both a north and south location.

“It sounds cliché, but I’m really blessed to have this opportunity…,” she said. “I’m helping keep other moms’ kids safe. It’s not just a job. I feel like I’m making a difference.”

Jennifer Seward

Jennifer Seward

Jennifer has an M.A. in English and years of nonprofit experience. As a writer and former newspaper reporter, she gravitated toward the nonprofit world because she enjoys the vast and inspiring storytelling opportunities found there.
Jennifer Seward