Help Students Continue Learning After Class

Teaching Safe Sitter® is a great way to help young teens in your community learn essentials skills that will help them be safe when they are home alone, watching younger siblings, and babysitting, but what about after class ends? Many students are looking for additional information about babysitting and want to continue to learn safety and child care skills that will help them become better babysitters.

Luckily, Safe Sitter® has some great suggestions of things students can do even when class is over:

  • Binge on the Babysitter Boss
    Safe Sitter® has a YouTube channel that features the Babysitter Boss, a friendly neighborhood babysitter and advice guru. These videos reinforce lessons learned in class and even teach a new thing or two that will come in handy for those tricky babysitting situations. We find the playlist When Things Go Wrong especially helpful. Show your students how to access the channel before they leave class (hint: it’s printed on the cover of their Student Handbook).
  • Check out Student Resources on the Safe Sitter® website
    Safe Sitter® has tons of helpful tips for babysitters. Graduates can go to and check out Student Resources to find information about handling emergencies, entertaining kids,  and more.
  • Read up on our Babysitting Blog
    Our website,, has great info for new and experienced babysitters alike in our Babysitting Blog. We have tips on everything from sibling sitting to screening jobs. Students can even create a resume using our handy online tool.

Share these resources with students before class ends and you’ll help them continue learning long after they leave your classroom!

Barbara Stuckwisch

Barbara Stuckwisch

Executive Director at Safe Sitter, Inc
Barbara has been leading Safe Sitter, Inc. since 2013. She relishes the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of families and communities across the country, and she has two teenage children that keep her on her toes and serve as a daily reminder of why the work of Safe Sitter® is so important.
Barbara Stuckwisch

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