Recruiting Students The Easy Way

Just like life, recruiting students can be easy or hard. If you’re lucky, classes seem to fill themselves through the magic of word-of-mouth. But, sometimes, it takes effort. Even when you’re super busy, you can make the recruitment process much easier by trying a few simple things. A little effort can go a long way!

  • It might seem obvious but post specifics about your classes (date and time) on your website, not just the fact that you offer Safe Sitter®. Make sure your class info isn’t buried somewhere that’s hard for website visitors to find and that your registration process is as simple as possible.
  • Marketing flyers are probably one of your best tools for promoting classes, and they’re a piece of cake to get. If you would like us to create a customized flyer, submit a completed Marketing Request Form. This service is free! If you decide to create your own marketing materials, use our Co-Branding Guidelines to help maintain brand consistency by following our visual standards. You can also download Safe Sitter® logos.
  • So, you have flyers. Now what? Contact parents of any students who’ve registered for your class, tell them to tell their friends about it, and give them your flyer to share. If you have outside visitors to your organization, put a stack of flyers in your lobby or post one on your bulletin board. Email a flyer to local middle school principals and their administrative assistants and ask if they’ll include your class info in their weekly school newsletter and allow you to leave flyers in the school’s office.
  • Are you a fan of Safe Sitter® on Facebook? If no, become one! If yes, we invite you to post your class info on our page. When you follow us, you’ll see hero stories and tips and be able to share those with your fans as an easy way to promote your classes. Hero stories are the best way to show parents what a beneficial and potentially life-saving difference a Safe Sitter® education can make for their child.

When it comes to recruiting students, remember to emphasize that Safe Sitter® is more than just babysitting training. The current reality is that more kids are staying home alone than ever before, and the curriculum prepares them with the safety skills they need. You play a vital role in providing young teens with an education that helps them with the natural stair-step process of staying home alone, sibling sitting, and watching other children!

Jennifer Seward

Jennifer Seward

Jennifer has an M.A. in English and years of nonprofit experience. As a writer and former newspaper reporter, she gravitated toward the nonprofit world because she enjoys the vast and inspiring storytelling opportunities found there.
Jennifer Seward