CPR Instructor teaching life saving methods students.

Adding a Safe Sitter® Instructor Certification as a CPR Instructor

Like Safe Sitter® Instructors, most CPR instructors have two things in common: a passion for saving lives and love for teaching others. If you’ve been considering adding home alone safety or babysitting courses, here are four reasons Safe Sitter® might be the best fit for you.

  1. Teach Students to Save Lives

Nearly 200 lives have been saved by Safe Sitter® graduates since our first class in 1980. While choking rescue and CPR are often the skills used, we also have students that have kept younger children safe in fires, earthquakes, dog bites, and during asthma attacks.

The skills you teach in your pediatric first aid and CPR classes are often too advanced for students that are only 11-years old. In Safe Sitter® babysitting classes, students are taught a system to determine the severity of the injury or illness and respond appropriately. For example, if a child has a minor puncture wound, Safe Sitter® graduates know to call a back-up adult for help as the injury is serious, but not urgent.

  1. Schedule Classes at your Convenience

Safe Sitter® Instructors set their class schedules, manage their registrations, and set their class fees. Prior to the class you purchase a Student Handbook for each participant ($18 each and includes a completion card) and submit a roster to Safe Sitter® National Headquarters at the conclusion of class. It really is that easy!

As a Safe Sitter® Instructor, you can set as few or as many classes you want each year (you are required to teach at least one class each year to maintain your certification).

  1. Impact Young Lives

Classroom dynamics change when you have a class of middle school students wanting to learn to save lives as opposed to a class of adults completing a CPR class to be OSHA compliant. Most students in Safe Sitter® classes look forward to using CPR manikins and tell us the skills practice was their favorite part of class.

Class discussions are naturally engaging in a class of curious middle school students full of questions and stories to share. Not to mention, they can be really funny and they still think your jokes are too! After just a couple of classes, you’ll realize that some of your best class experiences come from your Safe Sitter® classes.

  1. Generate Additional Income

As a CPR Instructor, you have already invested in manikins, classroom space, and other teaching technology. When you register as a Safe Sitter® Provider, you will receive your course materials as well as your online Instructor training and Instructor materials. You then have the flexibility to set student fees based on your business needs and market demands.

The flexibility to set and collect fees allows you to offer discounts to groups such as Girl Scout Troops or offer scholarships to low-income students. This flexibility partnered with your passion to save lives allows you to make a lasting impact in your community.

If you’re ready to get started, complete our online application and someone from National Headquarters will reach out to you with next steps!