Getting Started

Grandparents: Getting Started is designed to prepare mature members of your community to become caregivers.

Course Information

Many things have changed since the participants in Grandparents: Getting Started raised their children. It is important for grandparents to learn the new recommendations for care based on research from doctors and scientists studying the physical and emotional development of infants and children.

Taught by certified Safe Sitter® Instructors, participants will learn how to provide the best and safest care for their grandchildren. They will also learn the latest information on how to safely care for infants and children and how to manage the behavior of children of all ages, in addition to life-saving skills such as choking rescue, first aid, and injury management.

Learning tips on creating a good relationship from the start as well as learning to say no to every request to babysit will help grandparents enhance their relationship with their children and create lasting memories with their grandchildren.

Grandparents: Getting Started Curriculum Sample

Grandparents holding onto an infant

Skills Practice

Ensure participants perform choking rescue on an infant and a child.

Guided Discussion

Reinforce important concepts in a fun way.

Digital Presentation

Aids visual learners and keeps participants attuned to each topic.

Safe Sitter® Instructors

It is easy and affordable to partner with Safe Sitter® to teach child care training courses. There is no registration fee, simply purchase your course materials and register for Instructor training.

Course Content

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Grandparents: Getting Started is a program of Safe Sitter® that is medically accurate and contains the most up-to-date information on child care skills.

Child Development
Child Care Duties
Behavior Management
Injury Prevention
First Aid
Choking Child and Infant Rescue
Child and Infant CPR
Communication and Expectations

Founded in 1980, Safe Sitter® is the only national nonprofit training program exclusively devoted to training sitters of all ages, from teenage babysitters to grandparents watching grandchildren.

Driven by the vision that every child should be safe, programs by Safe Sitter® are medically accurate and follow guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association.

Programs by Safe Sitter® are designed to be highly interactive. The Instructor Manual includes a script for you to use as you teach.

The teaching strategies utilized throughout the course include:

  • Guided discussion, including planned questions.
  • Role-plays, involving both participants and Instructors.
  • Hands-on skills practice.