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Become a Safe Sitter® Instructor
Positive Youth Development - Become an Instructor

Safe Sitter® and Positive Youth Development

Safe Sitter® is more than a curriculum—it’s a philosophy and an approach to teaching. Founder...
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Libraries - Become an Instructor

Educational Programs for Libraries

Many children in your community are left unsupervised after school.. In addition, many adults in...
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School Counselors

Life Skills Programs for School Counselors

The role of a school counselor has greatly evolved. What was once a career in...
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Female teacher smiling and sitting on desk surrounded by two young boys and two young girls

Get Started

It is easy and affordable to partner with Safe Sitter® to teach home alone safety...
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School aged boys and girls running down a hallway

Afterschool Enrichment Programs

Working parents rely on you to provide a safe environment for their children every day...
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Helping Girl Scout Cadettes Earn Their Babysitting Badge

Helping Girl Scout Cadettes Earn Their Babysitting Badge

Helping Cadettes prepare for the challenges of babysitting by attending a babysitter training course has...
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Which courses should I offer

Which Courses Should I Offer?

When you hear Safe Sitter® you probably think of a babysitting course for middle school...
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Safe Sitter Instructor teaching Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention Programs Designed for Grades 4-8

As a health care provider, you know that effective injury prevention programs have an immediate...
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CPR Instructor teaching life saving methods students.

Adding a Safe Sitter® Instructor Certification as CPR Instructor

Like Safe Sitter® Instructors, most CPR instructors have two things in common: a passion for...
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Teens laughing in the park

How Community Organizations Can Invest in Youth

Every day you interact with pre-teens and teens in your community. Many of them are...
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Female nurse holding onto door handle

Health and Safety Programs for School Nurses

As a school nurse, you advocate daily to keep students safe and healthy and have...
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Helping Park and Recreation Departments Expand Youth Development Programs

Helping Park and Recreation Departments Expand Youth Development Programming

As a park and recreation professional, you know the youth in your community engage with...
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Girl Scout ready to learn.

Helping Girl Scout Juniors Earn Their Independence Badge

As Girl Scouts reach their Junior level, they have opportunities to experience so many things...
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What Supplies Do I Need to Teach Safe Sitter® Courses?

Safe Sitter® is designed to be a turnkey program. The course materials and Instructor fees...
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How Does Safe Sitter® Differ From Other Babysitting Programs?

Building safer communities is our mission, and it drives us to create programs that teach...
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Faith-Based Organizations Teaching Safe Sitter

Churches and faith-based organizations across the country can partner with Safe Sitter® to give parents...
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3 Fundraising Methods And Letter Templates

Your nonprofit organization might want to do fundraising to cover the cost of training additional...
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Instructor excited to teach a class of students.

How the Safe Sitter® Curriculum Works for Family and Consumer Science Teachers

The Safe Sitter® curriculum is modular in design and can be taught in one day...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions Potential Providers Ask

Common Questions Potential Registered Providers Ask
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