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Have you been asking to stay home alone? Do you want to babysit? Have you completed 5th grade? Then maybe it’s time for Safe Sitter®.


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Teen Babysitter Manages Potentially Dangerous Situation

One day, Allison, 12, was watching her two younger brothers, Nicholas, 10, and Benny, 5, at home while her parents were out. Nicholas went to get some snack chips he’d left on his bed. When he got to his bedroom, he noticed the family dog had found the chips. When Nicholas reached for them, the normally docile dog lunged at Nicholas and bit him on the lip.

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Safe Sitter® Instructor Taught Her Daughter To Be A Hero

Vicki Gassman, a Safe Sitter® Instructor and Site Coordinator at a YMCA in Iowa, taught her daughter, Christina, the skills she needed to stay calm during an emergency. What she taught her daughter resulted in the 12-year-old successfully making a 9-1-1 call that certainly saved an injured man's life.

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Safe Sitter® Grad Took Lifesaving Action

Alexis Muscatello used her Safe Sitter® skills to save the life of her younger brother Joel. She now has a real-life understanding of her father's job. Todd Muscatello is the EMS Coordinator in the ER at Rutland Regional Medical Center in Rutland, Vermont.

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Babysitting Duo Not Rattled by Earthquake

Madeline Knowlton and her brother Samuel live in Alaska, which ranks No. 1 among earthquakes in the United States. And even though the two young teens learned about earthquake safety in a babysitting training class, they never expected they’d need to use what they’d learned.

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How To Find A Good Babysitter

So your spouse has just mentioned that the two of you are expected to attend the annual company awards dinner, and by the way, it’s this Friday. But there’s no reason to panic. At some point, every parent realizes they need a babysitter.

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The Secret To Successful Sibling Sitting

Do you leave your older child home to watch a younger brother or sister? Sibling babysitting can be a great way to help an older child handle more responsibility and develop confidence, but it could be a disaster in the making if handled badly.

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5 Ways to Help Your Child Be a Reader

Your child may grow up in a world of emoticons and emojis, but helping him read good old-fashioned words is the single most important thing you can do to help him succeed in school.

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6 Ways to Stay Organized This School Year

The new school year means new school supplies and a fresh start to getting organized. Starting with an organized plan can make a difference - stick with it and you’ll not only have a better handle on what’s coming and going, you’ll also help your child develop lifelong habits!

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This Safe Sitter® Kept a Cool Head in the Face of Fire

After Whitney Donley took Safe Sitter® at the Healthy Living Institute at UMC in Las Vegas, she spoke about it responsibly that evening with her two younger sisters. The timing couldn’t have been better.

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4 Questions to Ask a Babysitter

When you think about it, a babysitter has the most important job: taking care of your children. Why then would you choose one without first interviewing her? Here's what you need to ask.

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