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Babysitter Boss Series Premiere

Safe Sitter® is launching a new YouTube series call Babysitter Boss. Babysitter Boss is an exciting series that teaches young teens babysitting skills. The series features episodes that cover a variety of situations babysitters face.

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Welcome To The Babysitter Boss

Welcome to the Babysitter Boss, a new YouTube series by Safe Sitter, Inc. that tells you everything you need to know about babysitting. When I say everything, I mean everything!

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This Safe Sitter® Hero Is The Ultimate Big Brother

It’s the unofficial job of a big brother to look out for his younger siblings. Safe Sitter® Graduate Nicholas Demers not only looked out for his younger brother, he saved his life.

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When Your Child Is Afraid To Stay Home Alone

Sooner or later, most tweens (age 10-13) will spend some time home alone, whether out of a busy parent’s necessity or because they’re being gently eased into greater independence. Some need reassurance about assuming what they view as a new and scary responsibility. Here's how to ease them into it.

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Staying Home Alone: A Big Step In A Child’s Independence

One of the best ways you can help preteens develop the confidence they’ll need to succeed in life is by teaching them the skills to stay home alone.

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What Age Are Kids Ready to Stay Home Alone?

As all parents know, kids mature at their own pace, so there is no magic age when kids are ready to be left home alone. Essentially, age isn’t what determines whether your child can handle the responsibility of staying home alone ─ his stage of development does.

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5 Questions To Ask Before You Let Your Kids Stay Home Alone

It can be outright scary to think of your kids home alone, making decisions for themselves without your care and direction. Answering these five questions will help you feel more at ease about letting them care for themselves while you step out.

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What You Should Ask Your Babysitter After Every Job

You return home from a night out, pay your teen babysitter, and thank her for looking after your kids. That’s all that’s required, right? Not quite. You should always dedicate a few minutes to get feedback from your sitter.

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4 Things to Consider When You Cancel a Sitter

Occasionally things happen that are out of your control. Sometimes, this means a change in plans and the need to cancel a sitter. Every parent has been there. Just keep these four things in mind if you find yourself needing to cancel.

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Babysitting Then and Now

In today’s fast-paced world, it may seem like babysitting isn’t what it used to be. However, peel back the superficial changes, and you’ll find that babysitting in the 1980s, back when Safe Sitter® was just getting started, was a lot like it is today.

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Must-Read Advice If Your Child Is Babysitting Over The Holidays

The holiday season is busy for everyone, including babysitters. If your child babysits, she may be flooded with requests from frazzled parents scrambling to find someone to handle things at home while they enjoy holiday events. Here are tips for dealing with the holiday rush.

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Hiring a Babysitter Over the Holidays

For many parents, the holiday season means a desperate search for an available, qualified babysitter who’s responsible enough to handle things at home while they step out for a party or two.

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