How to Say Thank You to Your Babysitter

If you’ve found a dependable babysitter that your kids like and that you trust, you want to do what you can to keep that relationship going. Here are ways to thank your sitter for all she does.

Make It Personal

When you use the same babysitter for a long time, she may become part of your extended family. Handmade gifts from your children are truly special and something your sitter can keep and cherish.

  • Visit one of those “paint your own pottery” places and make a plate, mug, or vase with your children’s handprints on it.
  • Make a photo book that features pictures of your sitter with your children. This makes a touching holiday gift especially if your sitter has been with your family for a long time.
  • If you know your sitter well, make a homemade gift basket full of things she likes (for example, a movie-themed one with theater candy and microwaveable popcorn).

Think Like a Teen

Show your babysitter that you care about her interests, and give her gifts that let her enjoy her favorite things.

  • Teens love to socialize. Make it easy for your sitter to enjoy an outing with a friend or two. Buy tickets to a local movie theater and include a gift card to a local restaurant popular with teens.
  • If your sitter loves to read, buy a gift card to a book store or for an e-book she can download to her Nook or Kindle.
  • Most teens love music and keeping up with trendy artists. Give a gift certificate to a music store or to an online music site like Napster or iTunes.
  • If your sitter enjoys being pampered, give a gift certificate for a mani-pedi or facial spa treatment. If your sitter loves sports, try a gift card for a golf driving range or batting cage or an activity pass to a local sports center.

Say It With Words

Who doesn’t love hearing that they’re appreciated? Tell your sitter how much you value her help.

  • There’s a reason greeting cards are still popular. A nice card with a handwritten and heartfelt “thank you” goes a long way. If you know a store your teen likes, you could add a gift card.
  • Help your sitter out by writing a glowing reference she can use to get other babysitting jobs and expand her business. (However, if your sitter is really great, you might find it hard to share her with other parents!)
  • Offer to serve as a reference for your sitter if she applies for a job or internship or write a letter of recommendation for her college application.

Lastly, and most simply, give your babysitter a raise. It’s THE best way to say “thank you” and keep any babysitter’s loyalty!

Has your sitter taken a babysitting preparation course? If not, consider chatting with her parents about signing her up for Safe Sitter®. Use our Find a Class tool.

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