Ordering 101

Making Class Supplies Available Is A Site Coordinator’s Biggest Job

A Safe Sitter® Site Coordinator has many responsibilities. Ordering supplies and making sure adequate supplies are available for classes ranks high on the list. This is always an important task but even more so if you offer classes during the holiday season. Order early! Ordering far in advance of class helps you avoid extra shipping fees as well as headaches that come with last-minute planning. Make the task of ordering easier, no matter the time of year, by doing a few simple things.

  • Make sure either you, your Assistant Site Coordinator, or your Purchasing Agent places your order. Allow extra time for processing if your order needs to go through the purchasing department. A Purchase Order is requested for all orders. If you don’t use POs, an authorized signature is required. Terms of payment are 30 days net. We also accept organization checks, cashier’s check, money orders, and credit cards. Please call us if you wish to pay by credit card.
  • Submit your order via:
  1. the submit button on the product order form (We confirm all orders.)
  2. emailing your order form (orders@safesitter.org)
  3. fax (317.596.5008)
  4. phone (317.596.5001 x16)
  • Orders received by 12 pm Eastern will be shipped the next business day by FedEx Ground from Central Indiana. If you haven’t received a confirmation email that your order has been placed, follow up with your purchasing department or contact us.
  • We make every effort to ship orders exactly as you requested; however, mistakes do happen. Check your order when it arrives to be sure all items are in good condition and you received everything you ordered. We’ll replace damaged or missing items if we’re notified within 30 days.

Still have more questions on ordering? Check out our FAQ for the answers! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just call or email us. We’re happy to help.

Safe Sitter

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