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Safe Sitter® And Scout Comes To Mother’s Aid

When Gabby Bullock was 12, she took Safe Sitter® at Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta in Georgia, where her mother, Keisha, was her troop leader. She was excited to babysit and loved being a big sister after being the only child for years. However, she didn’t have to use what she’d learned to help a younger sibling. She actually had to come to her mother’s aid.

One summer morning, Gabby’s mother, Keisha, told Gabby she wasn’t feeling well. Keisha attributed the feelings to her pregnancy so she kept her plans to go to the store with Gabby and two-year-old son, Gabriel.

While in line at the pharmacy, Gabby noticed Keisha staring and then beginning to fall. Keisha takes medication for seizures and it typically prevents them.

“I knew I needed to keep her from hitting the floor,” said Gabby. She had seen one of her mother’s seizures before but this was the first one she’d had in public. Gabby called out for the pharmacist as a woman in line behind her helped catch Keisha before she hit the floor. Gabby then instructed the woman to call 911.

“I remembered to stay calm. Taking Safe Sitter® really helped me to know who to call and what to do,” said Gabby. When EMS arrived, Gabby told them her mother’s medical history, what medications she takes, her allergies and who to call—all while holding young Gabriel. “Gabriel was so quiet. He was scared. I had to hold him the whole time,” Gabby said.

Keisha only remembers walking up in the ambulance. “After a seizure, I’m missing a piece of time,” said Keisha, who worried most about her children. After the scary episode, Gabby sat in the ambulance next to her mother and Gabriel, who was in his car seat.

Keisha said, “I kept saying ‘I’m sorry’ but it was Gabby who was reassuring me and trying to calm me down. Afterwards, everyone who helped told me they’ve never met such a young lady who was so calm and knew what to do.”

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