This Sibling Sitter Handled A Serious Situation

Twelve-year-old Becky Martin used the skills she’d learned in Safe Sitter® to retain her composure while handling what could have been a life-threatening situation.

Becky, who took Safe Sitter® at Central Pierce Fire and Rescue in Tacoma, Washington, was well-prepared to babysit her two younger sisters, Elizabeth, 5, and Georgia, 2 ½, at home while her parents were out enjoying a date night. The three girls enjoyed dinner outside on the home’s second story deck. Dinner had been uneventful. It’s what happened after dinner that caused a panic.

Staying Calm Made All The Difference

The railing on the deck snapped and little Georgia fell at least 10 feet onto the asphalt driveway below. Elizabeth screamed and Becky quickly ran to Georgia, who was crying. While trying to calm the toddler, Becky called both 9-1-1 and her parents, who had only been gone about 10 minutes and actually beat the ambulance to the house.

“We were amazed how Becky had the situation under control,” said her mother, Allison. “There was no visible blood but Becky knew a fall was serious and that her little sister needed help. She was doing a great job keeping Georgia calm and comfortable until help arrived.”

Safe Sitter® Taught Her What To Do

Georgia, who sustained a serious skull fracture and was admitted to ICU the first night, remained in the hospital for two days. From her Safe Sitter® training, Becky knew that remaining calm enough to assess a situation and then deal with it is of utmost importance. “Safe Sitter® helped me to stay calm and to know to call 9-1-1 and my parents,” she said.

And Becky’s parents have the peace of mind in knowing they can rely on their daughter to be a dependable caretaker to her younger siblings and other children she babysits.  “Becky was also comforting Elizabeth. Becky loves her sisters and was very responsible.” said Allison. “We just couldn’t be more proud of her!

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