Which courses should I offer

Safe Sitter® Programs: Which courses should I Offer?

When you hear Safe Sitter® you probably think of a babysitting course for middle school students. And while our flagship babysitting program has been preparing young teens to care for younger children for over 40 years, Safe Sitter® now offers additional programs to help build communities where every child can be safe.

If your community is asking for home alone safety and child care training classes, start with evaluating your budget to determine which programs are best for you. If you are working within tight budget constraints, consider starting with Safe@Home and Intro to Safe Babysitting. While these programs do not cover the rescue skills and business skills covered in Safe Sitter® Essentials, students will learn valuable home alone safety skills, child care skills – including diapering, and will be introduced to the Safe Sitter® First Aid chart.

If you have more flexibility in your budget and meet Instructor qualifications, apply to teach our comprehensive courses. Completing Safe Sitter® Instructor training will prepare you to teach all Safe Sitter® programs. As a Safe Sitter® Provider, you will also be listed on our Find A Class feature of our website allowing interested students in your community to directly connect to you and register for upcoming classes.

All Safe Sitter® programs have required course and participant materials and allow you to set course fees and manage registrations for your classes considering your costs and the income level of the community you serve. There is no annual fee to be a Safe Sitter® Provider.

Required course materials are $249 and include the Safe Sitter® Graphics Pack and the Safe Sitter® Game Pack. The Game Pack includes reusable laminated game cards, a plastic spinner, and foam die that you will use when teaching Safe Sitter® Essentials, Essentials with CPR, or Expanded. The games are designed to reinforce important concepts in a fun way. The Graphics Pack is a USB flash drive containing Digital Presentations for Grandparents: Getting Started, Safe@Home, as well as presentations for Safe Sitter® Essentials, Essentials with CPR, and Expanded. All Digital Presentations are available as a PowerPoint presentation with embedded videos and in PDF. Students love the engaging Babysitter Boss videos and Instructors can be confident students are learning proper techniques in choking rescue and CPR with expert video instruction by Safe Sitter® Medical Director, Dr. Sara Ross.

Required participant materials include participant books to use throughout the course as well as completion certificates. Fees for participant books are as follows:

  • Safe@Home (90-minute course), $15/student
  • Intro to Safe Babysitting (60-minute course), $15/student
  • Safe Sitter® Essentials (5 ½ -hour course), $18/student
  • Grandparents: Getting Started (3-hour course), $15/student

For more information or to get started offering programs, complete our online application. The greatest benefit to offering programs by Safe Sitter® is knowing that you are building a safer community. If you have additional questions about adding Safe Sitter® programs, email safesitter@safesitter.org and someone from Safe Sitter, Inc. National Headquarters will contact you.