4 Questions You Should Ask Before Taking
a Babysitting Job

As a babysitter, you don’t need to say yes to every request. It might be tempting either because you want the money, or you don’t want to disappoint a potential client. However, as the responsible owner of a babysitting business, you should screen every job to decide which jobs to accept and which to refuse.

Always Ask Yourself These Screening Questions (ASAP)

  1. Am I ABLE?
    Is this job a good match for my training and experience? Some jobs require a babysitter with more experience, additional training, or special expertise. If the job requires you to work long hours, watch multiple children, or babysit children with behavior challenges or medical issues, then you may decide that it is more than you are comfortable with. Also, keep in mind, only sitters with two years’ experience or more should babysit infants under 6 months of age.
  2. Will I be SAFE?
    Only babysit in homes and neighborhoods where you feel safe, and only babysit for families that take your safety seriously. Don’t babysit for employers who make you feel uncomfortable, no matter how much you love their children. Also, it’s best to decline jobs if the family has pets that you are afraid of or allergic to. Finally, make sure that you have a way to get to and from the job safely. If you need a ride, it’s best if your own parent transports you.
    Check that the babysitting job is not scheduled for a date saved for family, friends, school, or another babysitting job. Do your best to avoid scheduling jobs in advance of deadlines for school projects or family events when you might be busy.
  4. Do I have PERMISSION?
    If you’re a teen, then check with your parent before accepting a job. They need to be aware of your plans, and they can help you avoid scheduling conflicts. Share the information about each babysitting job with your parent on a family calendar or a shared calendar app.

It’s exciting to have your own babysitting business! But just like any business owner, you always need to be safe and smart about your decisions. Follow the ASAP screening questions above, and make sure the potential job is a good fit for you before accepting. Don’t be in such a hurry to get a job that you put yourself at risk. Find a local Safe Sitter® class to learn the life, safety, child care, and business skills needed to run a successful babysitting business.

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