What Should I Charge For My Babysitting Jobs?

You know that babysitting is a great way to earn money. What you might not be sure about is how much to charge. If you’re uncomfortable discussing money, don’t be. It’s okay! You’re providing parents with a valuable service and you deserve to be paid for it.

4 Steps To Help You Decide What To Charge

  • Step 1: What are other sitters charging? What are parents paying? You’ll want to find out. Look at their normal rate for a babysitting job, and keep in mind that special situations may add extra charges. For example, extra money is usually paid for watching more than two children or sitting after midnight. (Note: Don’t forget to ask yourself, “Am I able to take on this job and will I be safe doing it?” Only take jobs that are a good fit for your ability, training, and comfort level. Charging a higher rate doesn’t make an unsafe situation safe.)
  • Step 2: Have you taken a safe babysitting course? If so, good for you! If not, ask your parents to enroll you in a local Safe Sitter® class. Decide on a rate that reflects your training, your experience sitting, and your age. If you’re a new sitter, you’ll probably need to charge at the low end of average for your community.
  • Step 3: Have you talked to your parents about your rate plan? You’ll want to go over it with them and be in in agreement about what you’ll be charging. If you ever want to make any changes, you’ll want to let them know. Your parents can help you decide when or why you might need to charge a different rate
  • Step 4: Have you shared your rate with others? It’s a good idea. You should use this rate with all your babysitting clients with rare exception. Parents chat with other parents about what their babysitters charge, so you don’t want any of your clients to feel they’re being treated unfairly. Make your fee fair—not too high and not too low. And always remember to advertise your babysitting services safely! Don’t give your name out to strangers or post your information on bulletin boards or in public places. Tell relatives, family friends, neighbors, teachers, and families in your church that you can babysit.

Remember: it’s okay to discuss money. You deserve to earn a fair rate for the important service you offer to parents. If you’re a good, responsible babysitter who charges fairly, you’ll always be in demand!

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