How to Advertise Your Babysitting Services Safely

Good babysitters are always in demand so it’s a great way to make money. However, even though there are lots of jobs, there can also be a lot of competition among teen sitters for those jobs. You may want to stand out in the crowd, but you never want to do anything that puts you in danger.

Always Follow These Rules:

  • Tell relatives and family friends that you can babysit. Make sure the people you know best are aware they have a responsible sitter to turn to whenever they need one!
  • Tell neighbors, teachers, and families in your religious group. It’s natural to approach your teachers to let them know you’re available to babysit because you have a level of trust with one another. Many parents also prefer to only hire sitters who live in their neighborhood or go to their same place of worship.
  • If you’re a high schooler or college student, you have another safe option for advertising your babysitting services: This is a trusted site that allows parents to find babysitters, so it can help babysitters safely look for work as well. High schoolers can use the site as a “Teen Provider” if they have their parent’s consent and their parent becomes a “Parent Registered User.”

What’s the best thing you can do to let everyone know what a great babysitter you are? Find a babysitting training class like Safe Sitter®. You’ll not only learn how to market yourself, but you’ll gain valuable life and safety skills that show parents you’re the best and most responsible person for the job!

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