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My child wants to babysit. What do I do?

My child wants to babysit. What do I do? Here’s what you need to know if your child wants to start babysitting.


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Is Your Child Ready to Babysit? A Checklist to Help You Decide

Age isn’t what determines whether your child can handle the responsibility of babysitting—her stage of development does. Use this checklist to determine if your child is ready to babysit.


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Finding (and Paying) a Great Babysitter

A great babysitter can make life so much easier. Follow these steps and you’ll be sure to find a babysitter that suits your family’s needs.


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Digital Footprints: What Do Your Footprints Say?

There are safety hazards online. Supervise your children’s online activities and teach them to practice these safety habits while online.


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A Checklist to Tell if Your Older Child is Ready to Watch Younger Siblings

Parents enjoy a new sense of freedom when their oldest is able to babysit. Checkout this list and make sure your child is ready to start sibling sitting.


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From Tween to Teen: Understanding their Social, Emotional, and Cognitive Growth

Understanding the social, emotional, and cognitive changes your preteen is experiencing can help you through this parenting challenge.


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9 Lessons To Teach Children About Digital Citizenship

Utilize this guide to have conversations about digital citizenship and check out some of the tools listed to help you navigate this world.


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The BEST Answer To “I’m Bored” This Summer

No matter how excited your kids were that school was out, it won’t be long until you hear them complain about how bored they are. With a little effort and our seven tips, you can help your kids make the most of summer.


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The Recipe for Dealing with Picky Eaters

If you’re a mom, chances are that you have at least one picky eater in the house. If you’re struggling with picky eaters, here are four tips that have helped Safe Sitter® moms keep their sanity!


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6 Ways to Deal with Difficult Behavior When Caring for Kids

One of the most practical things that Safe Sitter® teaches is how to deal with difficult behavior. That’s indispensable information for babysitters and parents alike! Here are some go-to strategies to use when the going gets tough.


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5 Things Your Babysitter Secretly Wants You to Know

Babysitting might be the toughest job in the world, and yet young teens go out there and do it every day. So, in the interest of making their lives just a little bit better, here are five things you should do as a responsible employer.


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The Secret To Successful Sibling Sitting

Do you leave your older child home to watch a younger brother or sister? Sibling babysitting can be a great way to help an older child handle more responsibility and develop confidence, but it could be a disaster in the making if handled badly.


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How To Find A Good Babysitter

So your spouse has just mentioned that the two of you are expected to attend the annual company awards dinner, and by the way, it’s this Friday. But there’s no reason to panic. At some point, every parent realizes they need a babysitter.


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