Babysitter Boss Series Premiere

Safe Sitter® is launching a new YouTube series call Babysitter Boss. Babysitter Boss is an exciting series that teaches young teens babysitting skills. The series features episodes that cover a variety of situations babysitters face.

The series kicks off teaching babysitters what they most want to know: how to get paid! Just like the Safe Sitter® curriculum, the episodes are medically accurate and developmentally-appropriate. Young teens that have completed Safe Sitter® will identify many of the life and safety skills they learned in their Safe Sitter® class.

Most importantly, young teens will learn valuable life-saving information in a way that is engaging and entertaining. Join us for the premiere of our first episodeBabysitting is a job. Here’s how to get paid., on Tuesday, February 19, 2019 at 6/5c. You can even set a reminder so you won’t forget! And while you’re there, please subscribe to the channel so you’ll never miss an episode.

Babysitter Boss

Babysitter Boss

Babysitter Boss is a YouTube series by Safe Sitter, Inc. that tells you everything you need to know about babysitting. Subscribe to the channel on YouTube and never miss an episode!
Babysitter Boss

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