Fun Things To Do During Your Staycation

We’ve all been there before: mom and dad decide that this year the family isn’t traveling to the beach during break or even on a mini trip to visit the grandparents. But, don’t be sad. There are plenty of ways to enjoy your staycation with family and friends without your toes in the sand or shoving grandma’s cookies in your face. Here are some ideas to make staying in town just as fun as traveling:

Get Out Those Old Craft Supplies

Everyone has at least one container of craft supplies and creative tools somewhere in their house. If you don’t, make a family trip to the craft store! Inspiration can be found anywhere. Here at Safe Sitter®, we recommend checking out our Pinterest page for fun craft inspiration. We have saved boards with snack ideas, entertainment ideas, and craft ideas. And voilà: you are ready to go. Go put your Do-It-Yourself shoes on and get creative!

Spend At Least Two Days In The Sunshine

This might not be your favorite suggestion ever, but time spent outside (with parental supervision of course) is time well spent. I recommend taking your dog for an adventurous walk or going to the park with friends or your siblings. Going outside and getting some vitamin D from the sun is always a better alternative to lounging on the couch all day. You will never forget a great day spent in the sunshine. But don’t forget that sunscreen!

Family Game Night

What better way is there to spend time with your parents and siblings other than a good family game night? Playing cards or a family favorite board game is always a go-to for a good time. Plus, you know you want to destroy your little brother in a Friday night game of Go-Fish…

Explore Your Own City

There are always new attractions to discover in your own city or a nearby city! I recommend visiting a museum or park that you haven’t explored yet or haven’t visited in a while. If there aren’t any exhibits near you, it is always fun to try out a new restaurant or shop in your city.

Use Your Babysitting Training To Earn Some Money

If you have reliable clients that still must work on the week days, now is as good a time as ever to put yourself out there for babysitting jobs. And it doesn’t always have to be about earning money over break. This staycation is about having fun, so if you plan on babysitting, have entertaining activities planned!

These are just some ideas of what you can do to make a staycation exciting and fun. The possibilities are endless. Whatever you decide to do, don’t make it about sitting around moping over your friends that are on vacation away from home. Get up and enjoy the break with family while it lasts!

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