Helping Girl Scout Cadettes Earn Their Babysitting Badge

Helping Girl Scout Cadettes Earn Their Babysitting Badge

Helping Cadettes prepare for the challenges of babysitting by attending a babysitter training course has never been easier (or more affordable). Depending on how many Cadettes you have and your budget, you can send troops to a Safe Sitter® class, offer Intro to Safe Babysitting at the troop level, or a troop leader can register as a Safe Sitter® Instructor.

Training option 1: Send troops to a Safe Sitter® class.

Safe Sitter® classes are offered by certified Safe Sitter® Instructors across the country. Completing this class will satisfy some badge requirements for both the Babysitting Badge and the First Aid Badge. You can find Safe Sitter® Providers near you by visiting the Find a Class feature on our website.

Contact your preferred Provider and register interested Cadettes for an upcoming class. If you have a large group of Cadettes, you can ask if they would consider scheduling a private class for your group. Please note that Safe Sitter® Providers set and collect their student fees independent of Safe Sitter, Inc. National Headquarters.

Training option 2: Offer Intro to Safe Babysitting.

If you cannot find a Safe Sitter® class near you or the class is not affordable for your troop, consider offering Intro to Safe Babysitting by Safe Sitter®. Intro to Safe Babysitting contains the child care portion of our comprehensive Safe Sitter® program and is designed to be facilitated by a troop leader or parent volunteer. Completing Intro to Safe Babysitting will satisfy some requirements of the Babysitting Badge.

Training option 3: Become a Safe Sitter® Provider.

Troop leaders that register as a Safe Sitter® Provider have even more flexibility to help Cadettes earn their Babysitting Badge. This option is ideal for troop leaders that plan on holding classes on an annual basis. As a Safe Sitter® Provider, you set and collect your fees ensuring that classes remain affordable for Cadettes.

It is easy and affordable to partner with Safe Sitter® to teach babysitting classes. There is no registration fee, simply purchase course materials ($249 for Safe Sitter® Essentials) and register for Instructor training ($199/person). Each student is required to have a Student Handbook ($18) which includes a completion card. Learn more about the supplies you need to teach Safe Sitter®!

To complete Safe Sitter® Instructor training, you need to be certified in CPR (you do not need to be a CPR Instructor) and have access to infant and child CPR manikins. As a Safe Sitter® Provider, you set and collect all course fees and manage registration for your classes considering supplies, orders, Instructor costs, and income level of the community served. To get started, complete the Safe Sitter® Application.