What Supplies Do I Need To Teach Safe Sitter® Courses?


The Safe Sitter® program is designed to be a turnkey program. The registration and Instructor fees provide you with the Instructor materials you’ll need as well as the Game Pack and Graphics Pack used throughout the course.

CPR manikins are required when teaching the choking rescue and CPR portions of the Safe Sitter® curriculum. Registered Providers need infant and child manikins for rescue skills practice. It is best if each student has a manikin. If you are not teaching CPR, you will still need at least one infant and one child manikin for every 6-8 students during the choking rescue skills practice.

If you are teaching CPR, you will need additional supplies for the manikins, such as lung/airway bags. Safe Sitter® Instructors teaching the CPR portion of the class that are not CPR Instructors will need to purchase the Safe Sitter® CPR Video ($25).

Soft-bodied dolls and disposable diapers are needed for the diapering portion of the class. Students may bring in dolls they have at home or infant manikins may be used.

An important part of our class experience is using the Safe Sitter® Student Handbook. Each student is required to have a Safe Sitter® Student Handbook to use during class and then take home afterward to keep for future reference. It is the responsibility of the Registered Provider to order enough Student Handbooks prior to class to ensure each student will have their own copy. Each Student Handbook ($18.00) includes a Completion Card. Please note: the Safe Sitter® Student Handbook is copyrighted material and no part of the Student Handbook may be reproduced in any form or by any means.

Each student will need 2-3 sheets from the Safe Sitter® Important Information Note Pad during class. These can be purchased with your Handbooks for $1.25 each and contain 50 pages. Most Registered Providers purchase one note pad per student, for each student to keep and use during babysitting jobs.

Additional items that are needed include:

  • Name tags for students and Instructors
  • A pencil for each student
  • Scotch/masking tape to tape game pieces to the wall
  • Telephone or cell phone to use during role-plays

Additional products are also available for order. Check out all available Safe Sitter® branded products.

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