Helping Girl Scout Juniors Earn Their Independence Badge

As Girl Scouts reach their Junior level, they have opportunities to experience so many things for the first time, including activities that help them develop independence.

The Girl Scout Independence Badge is ideal for Juniors that want to learn to take care of themselves. Juniors will learn about safe transportation and establish safe habits when inside, outside, online, or with friends and family.

The last step in earning the badge is practicing independence, including  a suggested activity of staying home alone.

Staying home alone can be both scary and exciting for Juniors. Adding a training session that includes Safe@Home by Safe Sitter® can prepare Juniors to be confident in staying home alone and allow them to check off the last requirement of the Independence Badge.

Safe@Home will reinforce the information Juniors learned about safe transportation as well as teach them the safety skills they need when indoors, outdoors, online, and with others. Juniors will also learn what to do in an emergency such as a power outage or during severe weather, as well as what they should do if they get hurt or sick.

As a Troop Leader you can easily lead your Juniors through the training program in a troop meeting with the included Facilitator’s Guide. You will also receive a digital presentation that will enhance the training experience. Each Junior will need a student booklet that can be purchased for only $12.50/booklet and you can order each girl a Safe@Home badge that can be added to their vest or sash.

You can order materials for your troop by visiting our online order form. If you have any questions about Safe@Home or other programs by Safe Sitter, Inc., email

Amanda Christian

Amanda Christian

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