Must-Read Advice if Your Child Is Babysitting Over the Holidays


The holiday season is busy for everyone, including babysitters. If your child babysits during this time, she may be flooded with requests from frazzled parents scrambling to find someone to handle things at home while they enjoy holiday events. Here are some tips for dealing with the holiday rush:

  1. Approve each babysitting job before your child accepts. Make sure she’s asked the parents she’ll babysit for exactly how long the job will last and what time they’ll be home. In the case of a late return, you may want to discuss a back-up plan where you or another responsible adult can relieve her. Discuss transportation arrangements as well. (Here are four questions every babysitter should ask themselves to determine if they’re ready for a job.)
  2. Make sure your child is familiar with the family she’s working for. If your child accepts a job with a new family, see if she can babysit, or at least visit, the family prior to the big holiday job. This will be a time for both your child and the new family to get organized, discuss important details, and make arrangements, including determining her hourly rate. (Here’s advice for your child on what to charge.)
  3. Help your child make the job extra fun. As we all know, holidays are special events that come with their own expectations. While parents are out having a good time, kids may want to have their own celebrations at home. For example, if it’s New Year’s Eve, your child might consider bringing sparkling juice, party hats, and noisemakers to the job. Make sure she gets permission from the employers for any special activities or treats.

Babysitting any time of the year takes confidence, patience, and maturity. However, during the holidays, it can present its own set of challenges. If your child hasn’t taken a babysitting preparation course, consider enrolling her in a Safe Sitter® class. It’s truly a gift that will keep on giving. And neither of you will ever have to wonder if she’s ready for any job!

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Jennifer Seward

Jennifer Seward

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Jennifer Seward