Surviving Middle School

Middle school. Junior high. Secondary school. Intermediate school. Whatever it is called where you live, it’s all the same and it’s not easy for anyone.

Think about it, half of you have made it through puberty while the other half hasn’t started. Girls are taller than boys. Acne has started. The braces cause a constant fear that part of your chicken sandwich from lunch is hanging out in your teeth. Hair is sprouting in areas that you now have to shave and don’t even get me started on having to change clothes for gym class.

Awkward. Uncomfortable. Gross. Stressful. And yet, it can’t be avoided. But the good news is that it can be conquered. Yes! You can survive middle school. I’m living proof!

It wouldn’t be fair of me to survive the most challenging point of my life and not offer up my best advice to all of you. In this video I’m getting real with you. Really real! I’m not talking about babysitting, I’m talking about life. Specifically, how to survive middle school. Check out this video and remember, this too shall pass.

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