Babysitters Guide to Survival

When I completed my Safe Sitter® class about five years ago, I started babysitting immediately. Don’t get me wrong, Safe Sitter® absolutely prepared me to be a babysitter, but there are a few things that you learn from experience. If you’re new to babysitting, you need to watch this video and learn from my mistakes.

One of my most regrettable mistakes was wearing a brand-new shirt to a babysitting job. I appreciate fashion and I honestly just couldn’t wait to wear it (you know the feeling!). Unfortunately, I never wore that shirt again because the child I was babysitting just had to have ketchup on his ham sandwich. It sounds harmless, right? It’s not so harmless when the bottle of ketchup erupts like a volcano and ends up all over my new shirt. Ruined forever!

Don’t make my mistakes; learn from them! Check out this video to learn the secrets to be successful at babysitting.

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If you haven’t taken a Safe Sitter® class, find one near you!

Babysitter Boss

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