Who Teaches Teens to be Better Babysitters?


It takes a special person to teach teens the life and safety skills they need to care for themselves and younger kids when adults aren’t around. What type of person teaches these skills and why do they do it?

Ultimately, those who teach safe babysitting are committed to preparing young teens for the responsibility of caring for and protecting children. Babysitting can be lots of fun but teens also need to appreciate just how serious it is. A good babysitter instructor makes this the top priority.

Modern life is complicated and full of the technological distractions of cellphones and social media – things that yesterday’s babysitter didn’t need to worry about. Because of these modern developments, babysitters must know how to safeguard their own safety as much as the children they’re watching. A good babysitter instructor understands this and gives teens the tools they need to be smarter digital citizens.

Babysitting without proper first aid and rescue skills training is risky ─ period. Some babysitter instructors took a babysitting class as a child and remember how much it boosted their skills and confidence. Others didn’t take a class but wish they’d had. Looking back, they realize how they lacked the proper education before babysitting and recognize how potentially dangerous that was. A good babysitter instructor enjoys helping teens be better babysitters than they think they were.

Good Babysitter Instructors Have These Attributes In Common

  • They genuinely enjoy interacting with teens.
  • They have an interest in what matters to the young people in their community.
  • They love kids and care about what’s going on in their world.
  • They relish interacting with parents, many who naturally want to visit the facilities where their teens are being taught important life and safety skills.
  • They thrive on improving their communities through education and outreach, and they want to share their knowledge to make their communities a safer place.

Those who are committed to teaching babysitters want to provide families in our communities with responsible babysitters, and they believe that babysitters must learn how to safely care for younger children before they ever offer to sit. Babysitting instructors have an eye on the future and believe they’re not just teaching today’s teens. They’re on a mission to create a safer tomorrow—one babysitter at a time.

Do you want to teach safe babysitting to young teens? Find out how!

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Jennifer Seward

Jennifer Seward

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Jennifer Seward