Teaching Centers must be one of the following:

  • Nonprofit organization with an independent board of directors,
  • Government agency, or
  • Legal entity such as C-Corporation, S-Corporation, LLC, LLP or partnership. Please note that a sole proprietorship is not eligible to start a Teaching Center. These legal entities must provide certificate of insurance showing proof of a minimum of $500,000 of general liability coverage and listing Safe Sitter, Inc. as an additional insured.

A registration fee of $899 provides you with teaching supplies, including training for five Instructors. Teaching Centers have the flexibility to choose from online Instructor training or a live workshop with a Safe Sitter® National Trainer. In addition, you’ll receive a Game Pack and Graphics Pack to use in class, as well as marketing resources, and lifetime program support. There is no annual fee.

Five Instructors are included in your registration fee.  Registered Providers can train additional Instructors at any time for $85 per person. Learn more about Instructor training.

In addition to the Instructor training course, all Instructors receive:

  • Instructor Resources login credentials
  • Instructor Manual to use as a guide when teaching
  • Safe Sitter® Instructor Polo

What is the difference between an Independent Instructor and a Teaching Site or Teaching Center?

Teaching Sites and Teaching Centers must be either a nonprofit organization with an independent board of directors, a government agency, or a legal entity that is not a sole proprietor (i.e. LLC, LLP, C-Corp, S-Corp,  or Partnership) and are able to train multiple Instructors under their license agreement.

What are the requirements for Instructors?

  • Be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or equivalent, and 2 years of experience in health care, child care (including parenting), or youth work.
  • Enjoy teaching young teens and being a role model.
  • Commit to teaching at least one class per year.
  • Complete Safe Sitter® Instructor training.
  • Maintain certification in a CPR course that requires a minimum of a skills performance test in infant and child CPR, such as Heartsaver® CPR/AED from the American Heart Association.

What curriculum options are available for me to offer?

As a Registered Safe Sitter® Provider, you are licensed to offer any of the Safe Sitter® curriculum offerings. To learn more about Safe Sitter® curriculum options, visit Safe Sitter® Course Information.

What teaching supplies do I need in a Safe Sitter® class?

Your registration fee includes the Game Pack and the Graphics Pack that are required to teach the comprehensive Safe Sitter® curriculum options. Additional teaching supplies include:

  • At least one infant manikin and one child manikin
  • Important Information Note Pad (at least one sheet per student) that is ordered through Safe Sitter, Inc.
  • Disposable diapers
  • Pencils, name tags, etc.