What You Need to Ask Before Accepting a Babysitting Job

After I became a Safe Sitter®, I could hardly wait to start babysitting. As soon as I got home from class, I started letting neighbors know that I was now a Safe Sitter® and I had my mom tell all her friends that I was ready to babysit!

I’ll never forget the very first phone call I received to babysit. Mrs. Stevens, who lived down the street, called me to watch her two sons. I was so excited! I was finally going to get to babysit and earn some money.

When Mrs. Stevens said, “Can you babysit for me?” my instinct was to shout, “Yes! Yes, I can!” But I didn’t. I’m a Safe Sitter® and I know that before I accept a babysitting job, I need to gather some information as well as my parents’ permission.

My first babysitting job was great – and a huge success! Watch my video and learn what questions you need to ask before accepting a babysitting job. I promise you will never regret doing a little extra work before you say, “Yes!”

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Babysitter Boss

Babysitter Boss

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