When Things Go Wrong: Poisoning

When I took Safe Sitter®, I learned that any product or substance that can harm someone if used in the wrong way, by the wrong person, or in the wrong amount is a poison. It’s scary to think about!

Learning that made me a better babysitter. I became more cautious of what was in the bag I took to my babysitting jobs. A lot of the stuff I keep in my backpack for school every day could be poisonous to the kids I’m babysitting. If you think the kids your babysitting will respect your space and stay out of your stuff, you’re wrong. Kids are curious and may not know your bag is off limits, so make sure you remove any potential poisons before your babysitting job.

To learn more about what can be poisonous and what to do if you suspect a child has taken something that might be a poison, check out this video.

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A lot can go wrong when you’re babysitting. Learn what to do if a child gets a bloody nose.

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