When Things Go Wrong: Bloody Noses

Babysitting in the summer months when outside play is a given is my favorite. I love playing basketball, riding bikes, and all the other fun games that are suited for the great outdoors.

I’ll never forget the first time I had to face a bloody nose as a babysitter. No, it wasn’t my nose from being bonked in the face with a toy (that was another babysitting situation … those toddlers don’t know their strength!).

I was babysitting a school age boy and we were playing outside. I went inside to make a snack for us when Max came in holding his nose. When he removed his hand, all I saw was blood. ALL OVER HIS FACE!

In my Safe Sitter® class, I was taught that I can handle a bloody nose myself. Check out this video to learn exactly what to do if you find yourself in the same situation.

When things go Wrong: bloody noses.

I’m not going to lie; I sort of love horror movies. The shocks, the screams, the blood everywhere. But, in the real world of babysitting, blood everywhere is downright gross. Not as gross as poop, but still gross. But if you’re a babysitter you need to be prepared to deal with blood because sooner or later, you’ll come across a bloody nose.

Bloody noses are pretty common with young kids and if you’re babysitting a kid gets a bloody nose, they’re going to come to you to fix it. Forget what your mom made you do when you had a bloody nose. This is the Babysitter Boss, doctor-approved way to treat a typical bloody nose.

Have the child sit down and lean forward so the blood doesn’t drip down their throat. Grab a tissue or paper towel. Even a washcloth or hand towel will do in a pinch. Now squeeze the outside of the nostrils with your thumb and first finger for five minutes. If you’re babysitting an older child, they can do this themselves.

Make sure they sit quietly until the bleeding stops. That’s it! Pretty easy, huh. Now if for some reason the bleeding doesn’t stop or is really heavy, contact the child’s parents for help. And if you have access to disposable gloves, you should always use them before handling blood or any body fluids.

Finally, always properly dispose of used tissues and towels that were used to treat a bloody nose. If Kleenex tissue was your go-to blood absorber, throw that thing away in the garbage. But if you had to use Grandma’s antique tea towel, just put it in a plastic bag, tie it up nicely, and let your employer know about it when they get home.

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