Your Questions Answered

Babysitting is hard work, and no matter how experienced you are, new situations always pop up.

I collected some of the most common questions I get and answered them for you. For example, I answer questions about what to take to a job, handling behavior such as biting, as well as what to do if the family forgets to pay you. Check the answers out in the video below!

Parents, on behalf of babysitters everywhere, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. We babysitters … we talk. And we’ve been known to say, Oh, you don’t want to babysit for the Nelsons. That’s a nightmare of a job!

Now, if you don’t want to end up like the Nelsons, then listen carefully because I’m going to tell you the five things your babysitter really wants you to know.

Number one. Pay me. Like with real money. Babysitting is a lot of work, and we have an agreement. I take care of your children for a specified period of time, and you pay me. Cash works. Or even a bank transfer, like Chase Pay. Hey! I’ll even take a check! Do people really still use those?

But if you come home and tell me I’m sorry that you don’t have any money, you’ll have to pay me later. That sounds a lot like fraud. Pay your babysitter.

Number two. Tell your kids that I’m in charge when I’m babysitting. When you’re gone, I’m the substitute parent and I take that responsibility seriously. But it’s a lot harder to maintain control when you’ve got little kids screaming, You’re not my mom!

Number three. Make sure there’s food in the house. If I’m babysitting over a mealtime, I’m responsible for feeding your children. So please, have food for me to feed them.

Um … your mom left some pickles for lunch.

And while you’re at it, it would be really nice if you had something grown-up for me to eat as well. I mean, I’m a big fan of GoGo Applesauce and Goldfish, but they don’t quite fill me up.

Number four. Be home. On time. Believe me, I have things to do. Even if I’m going to go home and sleep.

Number five. Don’t expect me to clean your house. Do I look like a maid? Seriously, a good babysitter picks up after herself and make sure that messes made by the kids get cleaned up as well. But a babysitter’s job is to take care of your kids, not do your dirty dishes.

There you have it. The five things your babysitter wants you to know. It’s not hard, so don’t be that family.

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