Why Won’t the Kids Listen to Me?

As a babysitter, I often wonder if there is something wrong with my voice. I can still hear audible sounds coming out of my mouth. If I made a phone call to my mom, she would probably be able to hear me. (But for the sake of honesty, I’m not sure the call feature on my phone even works because I never use it. I only text. Perhaps that last one was a bad example, but back to what I was saying …)

I think there is something wrong with my voice because without notice my voice goes completely mute to anyone in the house younger than me. I say, “It’s time to eat,” and crickets. “Time for bed!” and I get nothing.

Wait, I’m suddenly having flashbacks to my childhood and I am realizing my mom used to tell these same stories about to me. It can’t be. Am I turning into my mom or is it that kids just don’t listen?

There are several reasons kids don’t listen but don’t lose heart, there are also several things YOU can do to get kids to pay attention to you. Check out my video, take some notes, and remember, you got this!

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