CPR Instructors & Safety Educators

Babysitting Curriculum for Students in Grades 6-8

Instructor-Led Course that Follows AHA CPR Guidelines

We added new programs, streamlined the application process, and added video instruction to make classes more engaging.

  • Register as an Instructor and receive course materials and Instructor training for less than $500 (with no annual fee).
  • Instructor training is self-paced and can be completed online when it is convenient for you.
  • Impact the younger members of your community by teaching life and safety skills that focus on injury prevention.

Watch now – see how easy it is to teach the curriculum and how engaging it is for students. (Don’t worry, we won’t fill your inbox with countless messages or call you bright and early tomorrow morning. We will simply send you an email that gives you a link to view the video.)

Apply to be an Instructor or check out these articles for more information:

Watch the Child Care Portion of a Class

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