Faith-Based Organizations Teaching Safe Sitter®

For years, teen babysitters have been “stepping in” for parents who are “stepping out.”  And while many of these young people bring with them a love for children and an earnest desire to do their job well, few are prepared for the responsibilities they assume. However, churches and faith-based organizations across the country can partner with Safe Sitter® to give parents confidence and peace of mind when choosing a babysitter for their children.

Safe Sitter, Inc., a national nonprofit organization, offers a babysitting preparation course designed for young teens in grades 6-8. Since the first class in 1980, Safe Sitter® has trained over 775,000 prepared sitters in all 50 states in the United States, as well as in Canada. Safe Sitter® is an updated, interactive, medically accurate curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for young teens. In addition, it is a “ready-to-teach” program.  Instructors can complete online training in about four hours, and churches set their own schedule of classes.

Safe Sitter® graduates know how to handle an emergency – whether it is at church, in school, or in the community. Safe Sitter® students learn injury prevention and first aid, practical child care techniques, babysitting ethics, and safety skills.  The students use medical manikins to practice choking rescue and CPR, and they participate in games and other activities that reinforce important concepts. Most of all, Safe Sitter® students learn life skills – skills that will benefit them into adulthood.

Safe Sitter® is not only a great program for your church members, it also allows you to open the doors of the church to those who are not members and share the opportunities and resources that you offer with them.

Churches are working hard to keep children safe and sound. As the only national, nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to preparing young teens to be safe when home alone, watching younger siblings, or babysitting, Safe Sitter® can help! Learn more about Instructor qualifications and training or apply to get started.