Entertaining Preschoolers

Preschoolers are finally able to get where they want to go and do what they want to do on their own. They have strong likes and dislikes. Be sure to ask about favorite toys and play activities. Pretend play can keep a preschooler happy for 30 minutes to an hour. Active games are an ideal change of pace when child becomes bored.

Active Play

  • Read a book and choose parts to act out.
  • Put on a play or talent show using stuffed animals for the audience.
  • Play with Lego® blocks or other construction toys.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt.
  • Play tag or Hide-and-Seek.
  • Play with riding toys. Be careful to supervise.

Quiet Play

  • Play easy board games.
  • Play imaginative games like school, store, or spaceships.
  • Play I Spy or other guessing games.
  • Listen to stories that you make up or read. No scary stories. Young children may be extremely frightened and have nightmares or trouble going to sleep.


Mostly able to do things alone
Usually cooperate
Require constant watching
Love pretending and stories
Enjoy easy board games

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