Watching Siblings Without Losing Your Mind

When you’re an older sibling like me, watching your younger brother is basically non-negotiable. And I get it, I really do! When I was 8-years old, mom couldn’t leave me home alone to run to the post office. I had to turn off the cartoons, put on my shoes, and go with her.

But now that I’m 16-years-old, my mom can leave me home alone while she runs errands. And my little brother is lucky. Because I am home, he can stay home as well. He doesn’t have to shut off Netflix to head to Tuesday night book club. He just hangs out with me.

Please understand, this is babysitting! While mom is gone, I am responsible for my little brother’s life. If something goes wrong, I’m in charge. But for some reason, my little brother doesn’t seem to understand that and often tells me, “You’re not the boss of me!”

As his babysitter, I am the “substitute parent” while mom and dad are away. Watch this video to see the four ways I’ve learned to make watching my little brother much better, almost (if I dare say it) enjoyable!

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