Diaper Changing the Easy Way

I love babies! Ever since I was a little girl I have loved babies. I remember rocking my dolls to sleep, feeding them their pretend bottles, and changing their little diapers.

So, when I was asked to babysit a baby for the first time, I was so excited! I finally got to rock a real baby. I could feed a real baby a real bottle. I could change a real diaper. Wait, I had to change a real diaper! I’ll just hope the baby only has pee diapers. Pee diapers, I can handle.

Not my luck! About 30 minutes after the parents left, I began to smell this scent and I knew what I was facing … a poopy diaper! The parents weren’t coming back for another three hours, so it was up to me to change this diaper. I’m the babysitter. I can do this!

And I did. And I survived. And you will too! Check out this video on changing a diaper. I used a doll in the video, so you could see a close-up of exactly what to do. If you’re babysitting a baby for the first time and want a little practice, ask the parents to demonstrate a diaper change with you. They will be really impressed that you asked, and you’ll feel much better when it’s your turn to change the diaper.

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