How to Handle Siblings Who Are Always Fighting

I have an older sister. I get it. One minute we are best friends watching our favorite YouTubers together and the next we are at each other’s throats fighting. I’m not naïve to think that sibling fighting only happens in our house, so when I’m babysitting for siblings I can’t expect them to always get along perfectly.

Kids tend to have less patience with their siblings than they would with their friends and emotions can escalate quickly. As a Safe Sitter®, I know that no matter what happens I must always stay in control of myself and stay in control of the children I’m watching.

Sometimes I must take a deep breath and focus on keeping the kids safe and in control. To learn some effective tactics to try the next time you’re babysitting siblings who are always fighting, check out this video. And remember, you can always ask the parents for a few tips on what works well for them (and they’ll be impressed you asked!).

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